A Message for Rental Property Owners

This is a totally FREE booking website that communicates with VRBO, Airbnb, ECBYO, FloridaRentals, TripAdvisor and many others in keeping all calendars in sync. Everyone with properties listed on the website receives FREE Cleaning Service lists, FREE Handyman Service lists and FREE “Rate Your Renter” information.

There is no downside with listing your property on this site. All property listed on this website is also listed on many other booking sites.  Being on this site just gives you another advertising arm, at no cost, plus you never have to worry about finding Cleaning and Handyman Services at the last minute. We provide you updated, ongoing Cleaning and Handyman Service Lists that you can feel free to call.

This website will provide you with an updated list of Cleaning Service and Handyman Service vendors, who will service “Airbnb” type rental properties, complete with their rates and the services they provide and it is FREE for you to access.

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Vacation Beach Rentals Renter Review Lookup
1. Cleaning, Handyman and Photography services reviews. You will find reviews left by the references they entered when they registered and you will find reviews left by people who have used their services.
A Review Not Found on Any Vacation Website
2. Renter Review – Here is a review you will not find on any other vacation rental website. How many times have you rented to someone who turned out to be a problem renter? You wish someone had told you about them before you agreed to rent to them? Now you will have the opportunity to not only enter a review for a prior renter but do a search to see if anyone else left a review. The review deals in facts not opinions and you are not asked to disclose whether or not you will rent to them again.
All you have to do to have access to these ongoing, updated vendor lists and reviews is to add your rental property to this website for booking. No need to remove your property from any other booking websites like VRBO and Airbnb. In fact, we encourage you to keep listing your property on other booking sites your rental property is listed on. Your calendar will always be kept in sync with all the other booking sites so no fear of double booking.
We also take care of paying the state and all county taxes for any bookings made on this site.
It will cost you nothing to add your property on this website but the amount of money you will save and the piece of mind you will receive just by knowing that vendors will be at your fingertips whenever you need them is tremendous.
Click on the following button to set up your FREE property listing and gain access to the Vendor Lists.


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